Clickfunnels v Leadpages Clickfunnels Tutorial & Leadpages Tutorial

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Clickfunnels v Leadpages - which is better?
This video is a quick comparison between 2 of the leading landing page builders - clickfunnels and leadpages.
In this video I create a landing page in clickfunnels in 4 mins 50 secs, and I create a landing page in leadpages in 5 mins 13 secs.
I also compare the features in clickfunnels and the features in leadpages, and also the pricing options.
After my comparison my recommendation is to go with clickfunnels as it has more features and can help you more in your marketing.
I offer support if you get started with Leadpages using http//
I offer access and set up of all of my 14 funnels (not including the 6 Clickfunnels templates you get when you sign up), if you get started with Clickfunnels using the link
NB As I create more funnels I will share those funnels with you also - Lifetime access to all my funnels!
I also briefly mention other programs I am promoting as I have funnels for those also. You get these when you sign up to Clickfunnels using
Other programs mentioned briefly in this video:
The Four Percent Group
You get 5 funnels to promote The Four Percent Group
MOBE (My Online Business Education) $7 trial
You get 2 funnels to help you promote MOBE
You also get 3 funnels to help you promote Clickfunnels and Clickfunnels University
Please like comment and share the video (and even embed on your website) if you found it useful, and if there is anything I have missed or you need help with, please comment below and I will respond :)
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