Advanced Cooling Equipments with High Energy Savings

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Visit at Keruilai is an engineering company established with an aim to provide quality air cooling products using new and advanced evaporative cooling technology. The company specializes in air coolers for indoor, outdoor and partially opened environments. Our high quality products have enabled reach the global stage in our service delivery. We offer Household air coolers, Industrial air coolers, Commercial Air Coolers, Home Air Coolers, Portable water cooler, Small air coolers, Commercial coolers, Central air conditioning, Room Air Conditioner and Outdoor air cooler. Energy Efficiency is critical in any cooling operation. Our key focus and research has been directed towards achieving better ventilation, cooling and dust removal, at high-energy use efficiency of up to 80% compared to conventional refrigeration technology. We also embrace professionalism and ensure the best business ethical standards are upheld with our customers as well as business partners globally.

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