Data-Centric Future of Advertising. DCA in China

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Only 20 years ago, marketing was simple: communication channels, as well as access devices, could be counted on the fingers of one hand (if print media may be considered an access device at all).
Today we remember it with nostalgia. Smartphones, tablets, IPTV, Smart TV, social media, web and apps, internet radio — this list can go on and on. User attention scatters, information noise increases.
DCA stands for optimization of advertising communication. It is time to stop thinking channels and realize that it is all about people.
How to build brand-to-consumer communication on individual level? How to provide continuous connection through all devices?
DCA responds with audience data and high-tech solutions. The company's technology stack gives Chinese and world-wide marketing experts broad opportunities to create Integrated User Profile (IUP), combining a company’s knowledge about its customers and providing effective marketing contact.

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