What do clients want to see in an SEO report?

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This is really dependent on the client, which feels like a non‐answer. But different clients will want to see different things.
However, there are some things all clients will want to see and know:
SEO Health: Overview of technical problems and errors that may affect SEO visibility.
Backlink Health: See the type of backlinks pointing at the client’s site.
Ranking Progress: See how rankings have changed and to keep tabs on any potential drop‐offs.
Organic traffic progress: Quickly understand organic traffic and see what pages are driving traffic.
Sales/ Leads: Show clients tangible ROI gained from SEO.
Pulling together this data is only a means to an end.
An SEO report isn’t just a data dump. It’s all about helping a client to make sense of this data.
Don’t try and play smart and overwhelm clients with graphs and numbers.
Plot twist: Clients are people too.
Most people would rather cancel a service that they find hard to understand. Your job (and by extension the SEO report’s job) is to help clients make sense of things.
Any SEO worth their salt needs to be looking for trends and exploring why and how metrics correlate with one another. And this needs to be communicated to the client in an easy to read and informative report.

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