Post UX- A Survival Guide (UXHomegrown 2017)

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Post-UX is an era defined by a general acceptance of UX, and an appreciation of its value. At the same time, it’s an era in which we are likely to see a significant re-definition of UX as a profession. As the distinction between the digital and non-digital worlds disappears, so too does the distinction between “user experience” and “human experience”. As designers, we now find ourselves in positions of influence and power- we have the ear of the digital world, and the work we create has an unprecedented ability to shape lives in ways both wonderful and terrible.
But what does this new era mean for those of us who currently call ourselves UX designers? And what will we need to do to survive the transition? This talk will cover some of the challenges and changes that the Post UX era is likely to present. It will also suggest some ways that we, as designers, can evolve our craft to adapt to the changing landscape. By applying our human-centred skills in newer and broader ways, we will continue to shape the world responsibly and empathetically.

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