Learning UX from angry customers: Tales from lean startups

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2 founders, 1 great idea and 0 cash. But infinite passion and drive. Sounds familiar? If you’re working on your own start-up, trying to conquer the world while penniless is simply a fact of life. Add customer anger and disappointment from a botched product launch to the mix, and we had the perfect storm which led to a huge learning curve.
This is the story of how we built Studio Ninja, a self-funded start-up SaaS, from an idea on an A4 sheet of paper into a customer base of 1000+ subscribers worldwide. How we got our first 70 users with no product and no cash. How we turned customer support on its head and channelled negative feedback into a wealth of opportunities for growth and product development.
More than sharing our own experiences, we will show you how other lean startups overcame their penniless beginnings, how to utilise lean UX methodologies, how to co-design with customers, and tips on getting the most out of limited time and resources. We will also discuss our successes and failures, and how you can apply our learnings to your own start-up projects.
Presented by Yuan Wang at UX Australia 2017

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