The Must Read Guide for Creating A Social Media Video Strategy

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It’s evident that video is taking over our social feeds, little by little. What used to be a text 80 – video 20 split has now become a text 60- video 40 split. The reason: videos are more engaging way to capture your audience’s attention. It prevents a scroll, making you watch.
Components of video such as voice, sight and emotion tie in all the loose ends that text lacks. As user attention spans dwindle and mobile phone usage increases simultaneously, video will eventually capture most of your users’ feeds if not all.
For a marketer, videos are almost essential in 2019 if you’re building a brand, communicating a message or even just sharing thoughts. The reason is simple. Brands and companies are ‘breathing, living identities’. They need to be as humanistic as they can be to evoke a desired emotion within the audience.
YouTube, started in 2005 is now valued at $160B by Morgan Stanley. Furthermore, every minute, 300 hours of video are uploaded to the site.(Larry Kim)
This trend is already a movement.

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