Pressure Vessel Heads Manufacturer

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Established and trusted since 1950, Australia Pressure Vessel Heads is a leading manufacturer of Heads and Dished Ends for use in the fabrication of Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks and Process Vessels deliver across the globe. They provide a range of products such as hemispherical, torispherical, semi-ellipsoidal, conical, flat flanged and dished only heads. Apart from these products, APV Heads uses a Hot Press approach to shaping steel which leads to high quality, strong and reliable end products. This approach prevents the materials from strain hardening at high temperature. All their products are Australian made and produced from low-carbon steel boilerplate. Carbon steel ends are also available in ASTM A516 GR 70, AS 1548-7-490 and AS 1548 -5-490AL50 grade material. APV Heads manufacturer dished ends of up to 10 metres in diameter, with the material thickness ranging from 5mm to 125mm and capability to manufacture larger segmented configurations. They offer services to customers' including small and large industries in petrochemical, chemical, water, food, power, water treatment, and offshore. For detailed information about Dished or Heads Ends by Australia Pressure Vessel Heads, feel free to visit the website or call on +61 3 9311 7722.

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