Data Sharing and FUSE: The National Landscape

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Presentation By: Kim Keaton, Director of Data and Analytics/CSH
Prepared for Hamilton County 3/18/2019
There are a lot of reasons to share data across housing and health, jail and other sectors. These are some typical ones seen that are supportive of FUSE efforts.
1. It may be that a data sharing exercise can help both systems understand the complexity and medical and social needs of the target population, which can be helpful from a policy and champion-engagement standpoint.
2. Identification of the costliest subset of high utilizers for housing (this is the typical FUSE effort)
3. Shared data can also support improved coordination between justice, health and housing systems, and improved coordination can help improve outcomes for clients.
4. Shared data across the whole population of systems can help make the business case for a supportive housing intervention. FUSE evaluations have shown often the costs avoided by reduced systems utilization can offset the cost of housing and services.

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